#CatchTroysThieves and WIN a $1000 prepaid Visa® Card!

Troy is at it again! He has never been able to steal anything protected with security solutions from Halo Metrics.  But this time he has assembled a team of thieves to get the job done!  We need your help to catch the bad guys in the act.  Do you have what it takes? 

The #CatchTroysThieves Winner Is.....

François Martineau, Montreal Quebec


How to Play:

Watch the videos below, follow the instructions, and use the interactive video to catch the thieves.

Step 1:

Watch the video below & learn about the most common types of thieves. Already an expert? Then skip to step 2!

Step 2:

Watch the interactive 360° video and test your skills by catching Troy’s thieves!

Step 3:

Identify the thieves out of our suspect lineup and be entered to win a $1000 Prepaid Visa® Card!

Step 1: Learn about the types of thieves

Watch as Troy educates us on the different types of thieves. Some of these criminals will join his crew! So watch carefully as you’ll need to know how they operate to be able to catch them in the next step of this game.

Step 2: Watch the interactive 360° video to spot the thieves in the store

Do you have what it takes to catch Troy and his gang of thieves? Use this interactive video to see if you can spot the culprits. 

* To watch 360° videos, you need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile devices, use the latest version of the YouTube app.

Step 3: Identify the suspects.

Did you see them all in the video? Review the suspects in the lineup below. Click on the four thieves you think did the crime and help #CatchTroysThieves !

How the winner will be chosen:

  • You will receive +10 entries (for a total of 40 possible entries) for every correct suspect that you accuse. 
  • Once the contest is over a winner will be chosen by a random draw. 
  • Every entry you receive increases your chances of winning by +1. 
  • Once the contest is over we will send you your score. 

Time to cash in and enter for your chance to win!

With every correct answer you will be awarded 10 entires. Accuse the right suspects and be entered for a chance to win the grand prize of a $1000 prepaid Visa card.


Contest starts July 17th and ends on September 22th. Winner will be announced on the 26th as well.


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